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Suppliers » Duke Energy Florida RFP for Crystal River Nuclear Plant - New Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

Duke Energy Florida RFP for Crystal River Nuclear Plant - New Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

Duke Energy Florida (DEF) is seeking proposals to purchase 76 new (unirradiated) nuclear fuel assemblies from our Crystal River Nuclear Plant, located in Crystal River, Fla. This request for proposals (RFP) intends to obtain the best value for the fuel assemblies to benefit Florida customers. In the bid selection, DEF will consider both price and non-price attributes, such as safety, delivery schedule and procedures among other factors.

Federally licensed U.S. nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel fabricators are the only entities receiving Duke Energy Florida's RFP to buy the nuclear fuel assemblies.

All potential bidders should register with PowerAdvocate (see registration instructions below) to access the bid documents and frequently asked questions, to correspond with RFP contacts and to submit a bid proposal.

The "DEF Invitation to Bid and Schedule" and "Fuel Specifications" documents are below. The complete RFP package is only available on the PowerAdvocate website. Click here to register.

Unsolicited contact with other DEF personnel or employees of DEF affiliated companies regarding the RFP is not allowed and will constitute grounds for disqualification. DEF reserves the right to provide written responses to all bidders on the PowerAdvocate website if DEF, at its sole discretion, deems it necessary to ensure that all bidders have equal access to information.

DEF and an independent consultant will receive all proposals confidentially and will ensure a fair evaluation process. The authorized DEF supply chain agent and the independent consultant contact information is listed below:

Duke Energy Florida:
Adrian Acuna

Independent Consultant
Ken Anderson
CKA Associates

All RFP communications and requests for clarification or additional information will occur through the PowerAdvocate platform starting on the RFP issuance date.

Bidder Letter of Intent (LOI):

Please download the LOI by clicking the link below and saving the file to your desktop:

Registration Instructions

Please use the following links to learn how to access and register for the Crystal River Nuclear Plant's new nuclear fuel assemblies RFP:

Use the link below to obtain more information on PowerAdvocate frequently asked questions and the quick-start guide on the registration instructions and requirements with the PowerAdvocate website. Save the zip file to your desktop.