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In an instant, an electrical surge can bring you and your home to a standstill. And the impact can be costly – repairing or replacing damaged electronics and appliances can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Plug-in surge protectors can help. But they have their limits and can fail over time. The solution is whole-house protection that can help stop an electrical power surge before it invades your home.

We're here when you need us.

Our StrikeStop® surge protector helps shield your valuable electronics and appliances from damaging power surges.

The benefits are clear:

  • StrikeStop is installed at your electric meter.
  • The device helps stop surges before they run throughout your home.
  • It can save you from costly repair or replacement of electronics and appliances.

Installation is fast and completed by a certified professional technician of Duke Energy One, a Duke Energy corporate affiliate. Ownership of the unit transfers to you when full payment is received.

Extra Protection with StrikeStop Monetary Coverage


It doesn't take a direct lightning strike to damage or reduce the life of your appliances and electronics. While your StrikeStop unit helps stop surges at the meter, StrikeStop Monetary Coverage gives you the additional peace of mind knowing you're covered for up to $1,500 per event should you have a surge incident. And at only $2.99 per month, just one claim can more than pay for the cost of the program!

See what's covered with StrikeStop Monetary Coverage
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StrikeStop and StrikeStop Monetary Coverage are available to Duke Energy customers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

OnlineEnrollmentBtnor enroll by phone at 800-787-2505.

The StrikeStop® product is not part of the regulated services offered by Duke Energy and is not in any way sanctioned by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio or the Public Service Commission of Kentucky and may be offered by other providers. Purchasers of the StrikeStop product will receive no preference or special treatment from Duke Energy in regards to their regulated electric service. A customer does not have to buy the StrikeStop product in order to receive the same safe and reliable electric service from Duke Energy.

What StrikeStop customers have to say

"Since StrikeStop has been installed, I haven't had any problems. In fact, five weeks after the installation, a lightning storm passed again. This time the lightning struck the StrikeStop device. The surge did not enter my home or damage my equipment...appliances. It certainly works. I've already told all my family and friends to order the device. With lightning, you just never know where or what it will strike."
–Dave K., Connersville, Ind.

"Since the installation [of StrikeStop], I've had no problems with surges or spikes. StrikeStop has offered convenience and protection and I'm completely satisfied with the program."
–Maurice K., Cincinnati, Ohio

"Lightning hit a tree right next to my back porch roof. I can't imagine what would've happened if I didn't have StrikeStop. It saved my home's electrical system and everything connected to it."
–Larry I., Carmel, Ind.

" made more sense to have one central surge protector to cover all our valuable electronics and appliances. [StrikeStop] gives you the peace of mind that everything is being protected."
–Lowell and Julia A., Fort Mitchell, Ky.

"As an insurance agent, I think the program is great for my clients; it protects their equipment and is an inexpensive way to receive coverage if damage occurs."
–Jim P., Insurance Agent

"I am absolutely satisfied with StrikeStop. When a lightning storm passed through our neighborhood, striking a large tree in our yard and blowing off the bark, we were thankful we had StrikeStop. It prevented surges from entering our home and damaging our computer and audio equipment."
–George Q.


See What StrikeStop® With Monetary Coverage Protects

From cellphones to kitchen appliances to computers, StrikeStop With Monetary Coverage provides protection against power surges.

A power surge can damage automatic garage door systems. StrikeStop helps with repairs or replacement of garage door openers in attached garages.

Even a millisecond of high voltage can destroy internal components of your computer system. And, depending on the strength of the surge, common household plug-in surge protectors could fail.

Your large plug-in electronics can easily be damaged by a power surge. Surges can come through cable and satellite lines, too, so it's important to properly ground each input. Without grounding, Monetary Coverage becomes even more vital.