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Energy Efficiency Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the basis of the Energy Efficiency (EE) programs?

As the demand for energy grows, we believe part of the solution includes helping our customers use energy more efficiently through our cost-effective energy efficiency programs.

How will these programs be funded?

The cost of these programs will be shared among our customers through the cost recovery rider (Rider EE).

How much will participating in these programs cost me?

Active program participation can produce savings that outweigh the rider costs. Future costs are influenced by a number of variables including the number of participants, the incentives paid and the amount of energy saved. See Rider EE for actual costs.

What do I have to do to opt in?

All commercial and industrial accounts are automatically opted in to the programs unless specific steps have been taken to opt a particular account out of the program (see below – What do I have to do to opt out?).

What do I have to do to opt out?

Qualifying customers must notify Duke Energy of their request to opt out of participating in either the energy efficiency and/or demand response programs by providing a list of the specific eligible customer account numbers they wish to opt out. For energy efficiency, the request must state that the account(s), at their own expense, have gone through an energy audit or analysis within three years preceding the opt-out request and have implemented or plan to implement energy efficiency measures recommended in that audit or analysis. Customers may also opt out of the demand-side management portion of the EE Rider. New customers who are eligible may request to opt out of the energy efficiency and/or demand response program within 60 days of beginning service.

Can I opt out now and then decide later to participate in one of Duke Energy's Energy Efficiency or Demand-Side Management (DSM) programs?

Yes, there are two annual opportunities to opt in and participate. During the annual 60-day enrollment period (Nov. 1 through Dec. 31), a customer who has previously opted out may subsequently elect to opt in and participate in one or more programs being offered by Duke Energy. In addition, there is an opt-in window (first five business days in March), whereby an opted out customer may choose to opt in and participate. Any customer who elects to participate in one or more of the company’s programs must pay the annual rider charges associated with the program year.

May I opt out of the energy efficiency (EE) conservation programs and still participate in the demand-side management (DSM) program, or vice versa?

Yes, if you decide that only the DSM program works for your organization, then you may choose to opt out of the EE component. Conversely, if DSM does not fit your business model, you may elect to only participate in our EE conservation programs (Smart $aver® Incentives). Please note that, unlike the EE conservation programs, our DSM offering (PowerShare®) is a three-year commitment and does not allow customers to opt out annually if they have committed load for interruption.

I have multiple accounts with Duke Energy. Can I opt out a portion of those accounts while keeping others opted in?

Yes, you can opt out by account, providing that those accounts meet the qualifications to opt out.

Where do I send my request to opt in or out?

South Carolina Opt-in and opt-out provision forms are provided for your convenience on this website. You may attach the completed form to an e-mail and send to or fax it to 980.373.9978.

The completed and signed form should be emailed and/or faxed to Duke Energy before the end of the enrollment period. The enrollment period to opt in or opt out occurs annually and lasts 60 days, from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31. In addition, there is an opt-in only window that occurs annually during the first five business days of March.

How can I tell if my request to opt in or out has been made effective on my account(s)?

Customers electing to opt in/out will receive a written confirmation once the change has been made in Duke Energy’s billing system.

Do I have to notify the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSCSC) that I am electing to opt out?

No, Duke Energy will provide an annual report to the PSCSC listing all customers who have elected to opt out of our programs.

Will the addition of future offers to the suite of energy efficiency programs impact the cost of the rider?

Costs will change based on anticipated adoption rates and estimated impacts. The ultimate cost to customers is based on the program's measured results.

Who should I contact if I have questions about this opt-in/opt-out process?

If you have additional questions, please contact your Duke Energy Account Executive or Customer Account Services at