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Energy Efficiency Programs

What are energy efficiency programs?

Duke Energy’s programs offer your business more opportunities to save energy, increase your bottom line and improve the environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Duke Energy offers money-saving energy efficiency and demand response programs for South Carolina business customers.
  • These programs are designed to help customers lower their facilities' operating costs by identifying and implementing energy-saving opportunities.
  • Programs include energy assessments, incentive rebates and demand response programs that make adoption of energy-saving products easy and affordable.

Energy Assessments – Our online, off-site and on-site energy assessments can help you find ways to save energy, implement energy-saving opportunities and reduce operating costs.

Smart $aver® Incentives – Our incentives will help you lower the initial costs of purchasing energy efficient equipment for your facility. Energy efficient equipment has been proven to help lower operating costs and improve your bottom line.

PowerShare® – Our demand response program lets you profit from curtailment of your energy usage. Duke Energy will work with you to help you better understand your unique energy consumption profile. Then, we can assist you in developing a customized plan that identifies potential curtailable loads. For more information or to enroll in PowerShare, contact your Duke Energy Account Manager or our Customer Account Services at

The costs for these energy efficiency programs are shared among our customers; however, we provide an opt-out/opt-in provision for eligible customers. To learn more about this option, click the link below: