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Understanding Power Quality Monitoring


  • Human-Ware
    • Risk Management
    • Safety
    • Trouble Analysis


  • Hardware
    • Monitoring Pitfalls
    • Equipment Descriptions
  • Software
    • Software Comparison
    • Case Studies
  • Questions/Open Discussion


Power Quality monitoring equipment comes in all shapes, sizes, and portability.   Instruments like the Fluke 41 Power Harmonics Analyzer are lightweight, powerful, and easy to read.  However, the Fluke 41 only measures one voltage and one current at a time.

Panel-installed meters, like the Square D 2400 Powerlogic series

Square D 2400 Powerlogic series panel installed meters

allow facility managers to monitor standard power attributes (V, A, kW, kVA, PF) and can also collect information on voltage sags and harmonics.

 Fluke 41 Power Harmonics Analyzer