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Welcome, agricultural associates.

We want to help you find ways to run your farm as efficiently, economically and safely as possible. Turn to us for help managing your account, dealing with outage or reliability issues, or making your farm more energy-efficient.

Contact our Small Business Center 24/7:

Account Services

Our account service representatives are here to help you find your best rate, answer your billing and payment questions, and advise you on our energy efficiency products and services. Contact us anytime.

Outage and Safety

Safety and reliability are our top priorities. Please contact us immediately if you experience an outage, see a downed power line, suspect that stray voltage is affecting your livestock or have questions about line clearances, grounding or any other electrical issue. And, of course, always call to have your utility lines marked for free before digging in the ground.

  • Report or check the status of an outage or call 800-POWERON.
  • Stray voltage and grounding: Electrically grounded equipment normally has a small voltage with respect to earth even with proper wiring and grounding. When an animal or person becomes part of an electrical path between a grounded object and "remote" earth, shock sensations can occur in both livestock and humans. Learn more about stray voltage and grounding here.
  • If you suspect stray voltage is affecting your livestock, call us at 800.653.5307 to have a trained professional come and test your farm.

  • Call Before You Dig
  • Right of Way information

Energy Efficiency Programs

Our Smart $aver programs offer incentives to help make it easier for businesses like yours to make energy efficiency improvements. Smart $aver incentives can help offset upfront costs, shorten payback time and increase overall energy savings.

Prescriptive Programs

Custom Programs

The Smart $aver Custom Incentive program picks up where the Prescriptive Incentive program leaves off. If you are implementing other unique energy-efficient technologies that are not listed under the prescriptive measures, Smart $aver custom incentives can help you offset upfront costs and improve your bottom line.

Case Studies

Additional Resources

Here are some other resources to help your farm manage energy effectively: