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Motor/Pump/VFDs Incentive

Commercial building motors used in HVAC and refrigeration systems can account for 30 percent or more of your energy use. If you are an industrial customer, motors and pumps can account for 75 percent or more of your energy use. Moving to high-efficiency NEMA Premium™ motors can provide significant energy and money savings and make you more competitive.

While NEMA Premium™ energy-efficient motors may be more expensive than standard equipment, the true cost of motors is not the purchase price but the cost of daily operation. Over time, the savings provided by an energy-efficient motor can far outweigh its higher purchase price. Energy-efficient motors are also generally more reliable, longer-lasting, and put less load on electrical distribution circuits.

Using high-efficiency pumps with high-efficiency motors can significantly increase your savings. Replacing old pumps can save you even more. Purchasing a pump that meets the pump curve efficiency standards of the program will save you energy and money, plus you can receive incentives to reduce the initial cost. (Pump curves are required along with the application to receive your rebate.)