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Duke Energy developed the Lake Jocassee Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) to assist in guiding responsible construction, shoreline stabilization and other activities within the lake boundary of Lake Jocassee. The goal of the SMP is to provide continued public and private access to Lake Jocassee while protecting its natural resources.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) gives Duke Energy the authority and responsibility to manage "project" and "non-project" uses. Project uses typically include hydro station operating facilities, wildlife resource enhancements and public recreational access. Non-project uses include such activities as private piers, shoreline stabilization, and Public Recreational Facilities. Duke Energy manages specific lake use activities through the Shoreline Management Guidelines (SMG) which provide specific criteria for the activities that are allowed within the FERC "project boundary" of Lake Jocassee.

The "project" boundary is a geographic boundary around the lake which outlines the hydroelectric project property that is owned and controlled by Duke Energy. Duke Energy can only manage public and private uses within this project boundary. To identify the project boundary line on your property, Duke Energy recommends referencing the registered survey of your property.

Duke Energy, along with other hydroelectric operators across the country, is being encouraged by FERC to supplement the current Shoreline Management Guidelines with a more comprehensive SMP by mapping the many important environmental habitat types along with the existing and future uses of the entire shoreline within the project boundary of Lake Jocassee. The SMP maps will identify areas along the water's edge where individual piers, shoreline stabilization, and other permitted activities may be eligible.

The SMP maps and guidelines are on this Site for your review.