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What's in the plan?

  • Present and future uses of project lands and waters.
  • Maps of the reservoirs, which, among other data, locate environmentally sensitive (and protected) shoreline areas. They serve a vital role in the review process for all lake use permit requests.
  • Revised Shoreline Management Guidelines (SMG).

What's new in this Shoreline Management Plan?

  • Important habitat shoreline remains consistent since 2001 update with 24 percent protected.
  • More accurate maps utilizing higher resolution aerial photography.
  • Balance of development interests with habitat preservation through SMG incentive criteria that can preserve shoreline in a natural state.
  • SMG update that provides more comprehensive permitting programs with more specific criteria.
  • Opportunity to partner with municipalities, counties and states for data sharing, buffer enforcement, permitting reviews and delineation of authority.
  • Revised SMP and SMG effective on September 1, 2006.
  • Methodology to be developed to study effects of SMG on near-shore and riparian habitat.
  • Full update of the Shoreline Classification Maps every 10 years.
  • Periodic full review and update of the SMG.