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What Is a Right of Way?

The green trees that thrive throughout our service area in the Carolinas are a source of tremendous pride. But we also have a responsibility to deliver power safely and reliably. To do this, we must remove any natural growth that could pose a danger to the power lines and public safety. By removing potentially dangerous fire and electrical shock hazards, we are helping keep your power on and your property as safe as possible.

Our crews use a variety of methods to monitor and manage vegetation growth on distribution and transmission power line rights of way. Our methods are monitored for safety, environmental impact and costs.

Because of the variety of terrain, soils, vegetation type, and land use, Duke Energy uses an integrated approach for managing vegetation. This process involves careful pruning, selective herbicidal application and occasional tree removal.

Duke Energy’s practices vary depending on whether it is a transmission power line or distribution power line right of way. High voltage power lines are part of our transmission system.