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What is a Pipeline Right of Way?

Duke Energy provides safe and reliable natural gas service to approximately 500,000 customers in southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky. If you live or work near natural gas pipelines, this information will help you identify them and learn about rights of way and related safety issues. This information is also helpful to realtors, planners, engineers, land surveyors, government agencies and others involved in land development.

Duke Energy does not provide propane services to customers. However, propane is used when additional natural gas supply is needed to meet our customer supply demands. The propane is mixed with air at Duke Energy’s natural gas plants to produce a synthetic natural gas and then introduced into the natural gas system. Duke Energy has approximately eight total miles of propane pipelines throughout Ohio and northern Kentucky.

Pipelines have the best safety record of all major transportation systems, but we need your help keeping them safe. Duke Energy’s pipelines and facilities are designed, installed, operated and maintained according to government and Duke Energy safety requirements. This includes routine monitoring and inspections for leakage, corrosion, safe operating pressure and right-of-way encroachment. Learn more about pipeline right-of-way rules.

Pipeline rights of way are defined parcels of land where pipelines and related equipment are installed underground and aboveground. Utilities have rights to access public and private land to inspect and maintain their facilities. The right of way is usually mowed and cleared of trees, high shrubs and other obstructions on an annual basis. The width and specific clearing guidelines within the right of way varies. Get answers to common pipeline clearance questions.

If a Duke Energy pipeline right of way crosses your property, a written agreement has been recorded at the county courthouse. A change in property ownership does NOT alter these agreements. Find out what to expect if you have a right-of-way agreement with Duke Energy.

For more information about the use, location and size of a right of way, please call Duke Energy’s Property and Right-of-Way Department at 1-800-544-6900.