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Distribution Line Rights-of-Way Use Guidelines

Duke Energy aims to provide safe, reliable and economical electrical service to all customers. In order to keep electricity reliable, we must have unobstructed access for maintaining power lines, facilities and rights of way. This list of right-of-way use guidelines has been developed to provide property owners with a guide for the use of Duke Energy's distribution line rights of way. Please contact a Duke Energy right-of-way representative concerning approval for any proposed plans or special uses that would deviate from the restrictions outlined below. 

Duke Energy generally maintains a 10- to 20-foot-wide easement area for overhead distribution electric lines. We generally maintain a 10-foot-wide easement area for underground distribution electric lines, and a 20-foot-wide easement area for specific electrical equipment. A working space of not less than 10 feet on the opening side of equipment, 6 feet on the back side, and 3 feet on all other sides must be obtained for safety and clearance performance.

Structures either above ground or below ground are not permitted within Duke Energy distribution rights of way. The term "structure" includes, but is not limited to, the following: buildings, sheds, underground or overhead storage facilities, swimming pools, mobile homes, trailers, satellite signal receiver systems and equipment, billboards, signs, signalization, dumpsters, street or area lights (unless approved by Duke Energy), air strips, hunting stands, etc.

NO Storage and/or Dumping of any kind is permitted within Duke Energy distribution rights of way.
Parking Lots may be constructed on Duke Energy rights of way with prior written approval from Duke Energy, in its discretion. Please contact the Duke Energy Customer Service Center at 800-700-8744 to commence the approval process. 

Grading will not be allowed within the right of way without prior written approval from Duke Energy, in its discretion.  

Fences shall not exceed 8 feet in height. Fences shall not be attached to Duke Energy poles. If Duke Energy's ability to travel along the right of way is impeded, the property owner must install a 12-foot gate. If a fence impedes access to Duke Energy facilities and/or rights of way, Duke Energy has the right to remove the fence/obstruction.

Trees, shrubs, hedges, low-growing evergreens, flowers, grasses or gardens planted within Duke Energy rights of way must be of a variety that do not exceed a maximum height of 12 feet at maturity, and must not interfere with our facilities, access and/or maintenance requirements.

No items that violate the National Electrical Safety Code shall be allowed on Duke Energy rights of way. No burning activities are allowed within Duke Energy's rights of way. No agricultural irrigation or waste-spraying facilities are allowed within Duke Energy rights of way.