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Transmission Encroachment Application

Property owners wishing to submit an encroachment request should contact a Duke Energy Progress asset protection specialist at 919-329-5928.

Important Note: Any change in grade elevations within a Duke Energy Progress transmission right of way, will require specific survey information to be provided by the requestor, and will require prior written approval from your asset protection specialist.

To process an encroachment request, a landowner/developer must submit the following:

1. A letter requesting and describing ALL proposed encroachments.

2. Detailed site plans that include the following:

  • Accurate distances from the center line of the transmission line(s) to the encroachment, at the significant points on the encroachment to completely describe the location of the encroachment in relation to the transmission line(s);
  • Accurate distances from the right of way boundaries to the center line of the transmission line(s);
  • Accurate height measurements to all changes in elevations of the encroachments located above ground;
  • Accurate depths to encroachments located below ground;
  • Identify the tag number of all transmission structures adjacent to or in the encroachment and accurate distances along the center line from the structures to significant points on the encroachment;
  • The name of the transmission line(s), as provided to you by your Duke Energy Progress asset protection specialist;
  • A complete description of any proposed change of grade on the right of way. A profile drawing showing existing and proposed ground elevation at Duke Energy Progress' structure locations shall be provided along the ground within the entire transmission right-of-way strip.

3. Utility plan, to include any proposed lighting.

4. Landscape plan, to include description of plantings to cultivar level.

5. Plan and profile, showing initial and proposed cross sections.

6. The township, county and state of the applicable property.

7. Name of the property owner and developer, and their contact information.

8. Correct name of the person(s) or organization to which a license agreement is to be issued.

Your Duke Energy Progress asset protection specialist will assist you with questions related to the above requirements, including any special survey requirements applicable to your specific request. Upon receipt of your information, the asset protection specialist will make a review of the information to ensure that it is accurate and complete.

Department representatives from the following areas will review your site plans as deemed necessary by the nature and scope of your proposal:

  • Transmission Line Engineering and Design
  • Transmission Construction and Maintenance
  • Legal
  • System Planning
  • Environmental
  • Real Estate

Other departments may review the application, if necessary. The primary objectives of the Land Use Program are to ensure the protection and preservation of Duke Energy Progress land rights and the safety and integrity of the utility's electric facilities. Your request will be reviewed for compliance with the Duke Energy Progress Transmission Rights of Way Use Guidelines. The transmission department may impose additional requirements not stated in these guidelines.

You will be notified by your asset protection specialist of the transmission department's decision regarding your request. Duke Energy Progress does not provide verbal approvals to encroachment requests. If your request is denied, you will be notified in writing as to the reason for the denial. If your request is approved, you will either be provided a Letter of No Objection, or you will join with Duke Energy Progress in a license agreement to be recorded in the applicable county's Register of Deeds office.

Please allow 90 120 days to process your request.