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Before You Plant

Check for power lines before you plant trees or shrubs.

Before you plant a tree or shrub, make sure the location is out of the way of overhead and underground power lines and other utilities. For help locating underground lines in your area, contact one of the following:

North Carolina
North Carolina One Call Center

South Carolina
Palmetto Utility Protection Services

In North Carolina, the Overhead High-Voltage Line Safety Act requires anyone working or lifting within 10 feet of overhead power lines or poles to contact the appropriate electric utility through the North Carolina One Call Center listed above. In South Carolina, we recommend that you be safe and take the same precaution by contacting us.

To report a power outage using our automated reporting system, call 800-419-6356.

Selecting Trees for Distribution Rights of Way (pdf, 325 KB)
The type of tree or shrub you choose to plant is just as important as where you plant it.

Selecting Trees for Transmission Rights of Way (pdf, 121 KB)
Trees and shrubs that exceed 12 feet in height are not to be planted on transmission rights of way.