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Managing with Herbicides

Overgrown vegetation near power lines and equipment can pose safety hazards and cause avoidable power outages. To minimize power interruptions resulting from overgrowth, Duke Energy uses an environmentally responsible vegetation management program to control the natural plant growth within power line rights of way.  A critical part of this program is herbicide application. 

Our objective with herbicide application is to keep power lines clear of tall growing plants, while maintaining low growing vegetation for wildlife habitat. These herbicides are some of the same products you may use to control vegetation around your home.


Ensuring that vegetation does not interrupt power to our customers is a priority at Duke Energy. That’s why we continually research the best technologies and techniques. Trained and professional maintenance crews use backpack sprayers to selectively apply the product to manage plant growth in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. All products used by Duke Energy are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and appropriate state agencies.

The herbicides that we currently use in the Carolinas to spray brush in the rights-of-way include:

Herbicide Products

Name Manufacturer  Product Info
Lineage Clearstand DuPont Corp. View List
Milestone VM Specialty Herbicide Dow AgroSciences View List
Nufarm Polaris Herbicide Nufarm Specialty Products View List
Rodeo Dow AgroSciences View List

Tree Growth Management Products

Name Manufacturer Product Info
Cambistat Rainbow Tree MSDS,
Product Label

If you have concerns, would like more information about Duke Energy's herbicides and tree growth programs, or would like to discuss the option of your property being designated as a “no spray area,” please contact customer service at 1-800-777-9898 (option 4, "other questions") and ask to be referred to a vegetation management specialist who can assist you.