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Identifying Pipelines on Your Property

Identifying Ground Markers
Pipeline damage occurs most often when people dig, ditch, blast or drill near a pipeline. For your safety, look carefully for ground markers installed near high-pressure pipelines.

Note the following information about these ground markers:

  • Natural gas pipeline markers are generally yellow and black.
  • Propane pipeline markers are generally orange and black.
  • Markers are placed near pipelines, but not necessarily directly on top of them.
  • A pipeline may not follow a straight line between adjacent markers.
  • Markers do not provide the depth or number of pipelines in the area.

Before You Dig
Call the state One-Call Center at 811, especially if one of these markers appears on your property.

By law, you must call at least two business days before digging.

The One-Call Center will notify Duke Energy of the planned work. Duke Energy will likely require that its personnel be present for the excavation in gas transmission rights of way. This policy is for the safety of those performing the work and the public, as well as for the protection of the pipeline.

There is no charge for the service and the call is toll free.

Before digging, call 811 or:

  • Kentucky 811: 1-800-752-6007
  • Ohio Utilities Protection Service Inc.: 1-800-362-2764