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Communicating with Property Owners

We are committed to providing safe, reliable natural gas service for our communities while addressing residentsí concerns and expectations. Furthermore, we believe effective communication with property owners is essential.

Duke Energy has the authority to remove vegetation and structures located within our pipeline right of way to ensure safety and reliability. Customers whose property is affected will receive a mail notification or a door-hanger packet prior to pipeline mowing and clearing. These materials will explain the work and how we will handle debris.

If Duke Energy identifies a pipeline disruption, we may need to take immediate action. However, workers will knock on customersí doors when they arrive on the property and prior to beginning the work. Workers will show a Duke Energy identification badge. Learn more about how to identify a Duke Energy employee.

If you have questions about a worker who has arrived on your property or you would like more information about Duke Energy's pipeline right-of-way clearance practices, please call 1-800-544-6900. Or, get answers to common pipeline clearance questions online.