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Plan Before You Plant

Before You Plant

When selecting a tree or shrub to plant, it is just as important to consider what you plant as it is where you plant. The right tree or shrub, planted in the right place, can give you years of beauty and value without the potential dangers of getting too close to power lines.

Before you plant a tree or shrub, please make sure the location is out of the way of overhead and away from underground power lines and other utilities.

For help locating underground lines in your area, contact one of the following:

North Carolina
North Carolina One Call Center

South Carolina
Palmetto Utility Protection Services

In North Carolina, the Overhead High-Voltage Line Safety Act requires anyone working or lifting within 10 feet of overhead power lines or poles to contact the appropriate electric utility through the North Carolina One Call Center listed above. In South Carolina, we recommend that you be safe and take the same precaution by contacting us.

Tree placement in relation to overhead power lines is critical in order to preserve the natural size, shape and overall integrity of the tree and protect the intent for which it was planted.

For information about planning and planting vegetation around electrical facilities please visit:

We recommend planting only small maturing vegetation.

Selecting Trees for Distribution Rights of Way?

The mature height and spread of trees and shrubs planted along side of distribution right of ways must remain with a 15 feet horizontal clearance away from the overhead power facilities and must not interfere with the operation of any utility structures. We recommend planting only small maturing vegetation. Below are illustrations of distribution power lines:

Distribution Power Lines

Selecting Trees for Transmission Rights of Way?

Please review Transmission Right-of-Way Guidelines/Restrictions.

For additional information please contact a Duke Energy Carolinas customer service representative by calling 800.777.9898. Ask to be referred to a vegetation management specialist. Below are illustrations of transmission power lines:

Transmission Power Lines