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Historically Safe

Natural gas was first available in the Cincinnati area in 1837 when the Cincinnati Gas Light and Coke Co. was granted a charter to light the streets, homes and businesses in what is now the downtown area. Although electricity now powers most of our lights, the old gas company has grown into a modern natural gas distribution system that provides about one-third of all the energy used by residential, commercial and industrial applications in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Like any other source of energy, gas can be hazardous and must be used and treated with respect.

One simple safety procedure that is used to help avoid these problems is the odorization of natural gas. Natural gas, which is mostly methane, is odorless. The distinctive scent of the natural gas we deliver comes from the addition of odorants specially designed for this purpose. Odorants allow anyone with a normal sense of smell to readily detect a minor gas leak. The addition of odorants only works, however, if someone calls to let us know when a leak is detected. Scratch-and-sniff odor samples are periodically included with customer bills.

In case of an emergency, customers should know the location of all shut-off valves in their building. All appliances should have a shut-off from the natural gas supply. Find the shut-off valve or have someone show you where the shut-offs are located in your building. Most of these require only a quarter turn to operate them from the full “on” to the “off” position. Each gas meter has a shut-off too, which can be locked in the off position. If needed, contact us at 800-634-4300 for assistance.