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Duke Energy Carolinas South Carolina Electric Rates

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South Carolina Index of Rate Schedules


The Public Service Commission of South Carolina has approved the following electric rates for South Carolina customers of Duke Energy.


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Rate Schedule *Date Effective
RS Residential Service 10/01/2015
RE Residential Service, Electric Water Heating and Space Conditioning 10/01/2015
ES Residential Service, Energy Star
RT Residential Service, Time-of-Use 10/01/2015
WC Residential Service, Water Heating, Controlled/Submetered 10/01/2015
RB Residential Service 10/01/2015
SGS Small General Service 10/01/2015
BC General Service, Building Construction Service 10/01/2015
LGS Large General Service 10/01/2015
FL General Service, Floodlighting Service 02/10/2016
OL General Service, Outdoor Lighting Service (OL) 02/10/2016
GL Governmental Lighting Service 02/10/2016
PL General Service, Street and Public Lighting Service 02/10/2016
NL Nonstandard Lighting Service 10/01/2015
TS General Service, Traffic Signal Service 10/01/2015
I Industrial Service 10/01/2015
OPT Optional Power Service, Time-of-Use 10/01/2015
HP Hourly Pricing for Incremental Load (HP) 10/01/2015
PG Parallel Generation 10/01/2015
MP Multiple Premises Service (Pilot) 10/01/2015
50C Adjustment for Fuel Variable Environmental, Avoided Capacity and Distributed Energy Resource Program Costs 10/01/2015
EE Energy Efficiency Rider 01/01/2016
PM Power Manager Load Control Rider 01/01/2014
NM Rider NM - Net Metering 08/12/2015
RNM Rider RNM - Renewable Net Metering 08/12/2015
SS Rider SS - Shared Solar Rider 07/15/2015
PS Powershare Non Residential Load Curtailment 07/08/2015
EC Economic Development Rider 09/18/2013
ER Economic Redevelopment Rider 09/18/2013
PSC Powershare Calloption Nonresidential Load Curtailment 01/01/2014
PP Purchased Power 07/01/2016
Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Electric Power 07/01/2016
TD Transformation Discount 09/18/2013
EB Energywise for Business 09/30/2015
Summary of Rider Adjustments 01/01/2016
Energy Efficiency Education Program 01/01/2014
Residential Energy Assessment Program 01/01/2014
Residential Appliance Recycling Program 01/01/2014
My Home Energy Report 01/01/2014
Residential Energy Efficient Appliances And Devices 01/01/2014
Residential HVAC Energy Efficiency Program Air Conditioning 01/01/2014
Residential HVAC Energy Efficiency Program Tune And Seal 01/01/2014
Residential Income-Qualified Energy Efficiency And Weatherization Assistance For Individuals 01/01/2014
Residential Income-Qualified Energy Efficiency And Weatherization Assistance For Residential Neighborhoods 01/01/2014
Residential Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program 01/01/2014
Nonresidential Smart Saver® 01/01/2014
Small Business Energy Saver 07/09/2014
Smart Energy in Offices 07/08/2013
Business Energy Report 06/03/2015
Pay As You Go Program 04/27/2016

Remote Meter Reading and Usage Data Service


Residential Solar Rebate


Nonresidential Solar Rebate

Palmetto Clean Energy, Inc. (PaCE) Program 02/01/2008
Carolinas Carbon Offset Program 08/01/2011
On-Site Generation 09/18/2013
Underground Distribution Installation Plan 02/01/2010
Service Regulations: Leafs A - M 02/01/2010
Generator Interconnection Procedures 04/26/2016


*Date Effective represents the most recent date each rate schedule was updated due to fuel cost adjustments, wording changes, rate revisions, etc.