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Duke Energy Progress North Carolina Rates & Tariffs

Duke Energy Progress Index of Rate Schedules


The North Carolina Utilities Commission approved new fuel, DSM/EE and REPS charges for all North Carolina retail customers effective for service rendered on or after Dec. 1, 2013.


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Rate Schedule *Date Effective
Duke Energy Progress Residential Rate Schedules
Residential Service/RES 12/01/13
Residential Service Time-of-Use/R-TOUD 12/01/13
Residential Service All-Energy Time-of-Use/R-TOUE 12/01/13
Residential Service Time-of-Use/TOU 12/01/13
General Service Rate Schedules
Small General Service/SGS 12/01/13
Small General Service All-Energy Time-of-Use/TOUE 12/01/13
Medium General Service/MGS 12/01/13
Seasonal or Intermittent Service/SI 12/01/13
Small General Service Time-of-Use/SGS-TOU 12/01/13
Church Service Time-of-Use/CH-TOUE 12/01/13
General Service (Thermal Energy Storage)/GS-TES 12/01/13
Agricultural Post-Harvest Service (Experimental)/APH-TES 12/01/13
Large General Service/LGS 12/01/13
Large General Service Time-of-Use/LGS-TOU 12/01/13
***Large General Service Real Time Pricing/LGS-RTP 12/01/13
**Church and School Service/CSG 12/01/13
**Church and School Service/CSE 12/01/13
Lighting Rate Schedules
Traffic Signal Service/TSS 12/01/13
Traffic Signal Service (Metered)/TFS 12/01/13
Area Lighting Service/ALS 12/01/13
Street Lighting Service/SLS 12/01/13
Street Lighting Service - Residential Subdivisions/SLR 12/01/13
Sports Field Lighting Service/SFLS 12/01/13
Retail Riders
Annual Billing Adjustments/BA 12/01/13
Residential Service Energy Conservation Discount Rider/RECD 12/01/13
Net Metering Rider/NM 06/01/13
NC GreenPower Program Rider/GP 06/01/13
NC GreenPower Program (Renewable) Rider/REN 06/01/13
NC Carbon Offset Program Rider/COP 06/01/13
Public Housing Project Service Rider (No. 18) 06/01/13
Campground and Marina Service Rider/CM 06/01/13
Military Service Rider (No. 28) 06/01/13
Transition Rider/TR 06/01/13
Unmetered Service Rider/US 06/01/13
Highly Fluctuating or Intermittent Load Rider (No. 9) 06/01/13
Standby and Supplementary Service Rider No. 7 06/01/13
Supplementary and Interruptible Standby Service Rider No. 57 06/01/13
Supplementary and Firm Standby Service Rider/SS 06/01/13

Supplementary and Non-Firm Standby Service Rider/NFS

Large Load Curtailable Service Rider LLC 06/01/13
Dispatched Power Rider (No. 68) 06/01/13
Incremental Power Service Rider/IPS 06/01/13
Economic Development Rider/ED 06/01/13
Economic Redevelopment Rider /ERD 06/01/13
Premier Power Service Rider/PPS 06/01/13
Meter-Related Optional Programs Rider/MROP 06/01/13
Base Rate Rider Residential, General Service and Lighting Schedules 12/01/13
Merger Capacity Mitigation Rider MCM 06/01/13
Coal Inventory Rider CI 06/01/13
Sutton Decremental Rider SD 06/01/13
Retail DSM/EE Programs
Residential Service Neighborhood Energy Saver Program/ RS-NES 06/01/13
Residential Service Home Energy Improvement Program/HEIP 06/01/13
Energy Efficient Lighting Program EEL-1 06/01/13
Residential Service Appliance Recycling Program / RS-ARP 06/01/13
Residential Service Energy Efficient Benchmarking Program / RS-EEB 06/01/13
Residential Service Load Control Rider/LC-WIN 06/01/13
Residential Service Load Control Rider/LC-SUM 06/01/13
Residential Service (Experimental) SunSense Solar Rebate / SSR 06/01/13
Residential Service Residential New Construction Program / RNC 06/01/13
General Service DSM/EE Programs
Commercial, Industrial and Governmental Energy Efficiency Program/CIG EE 06/01/13
Demand Response Automation Rider / DRA 01/01/14
Small Business Energy Saver Program SBES-1 06/01/13
Administrative Procedures
Street Lighting Service Regulations/SLSR 03/01/10
Service Regulations/SR 06/01/13
Line Extension Plan/LEP 12/01/13
Standard Service Voltages/SV 06/01/13
Cogeneration Classification
Cogeneration and Small Power Producer Schedule/CSP 04/01/14
Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Electric Power/TC 04/01/14
Interconnection Procedures, Forms and Agreements for State-Jurisdictional Generator Interconnections 06/01/13

*Date Effective represents the most recent date each rate schedule was updated due to fuel cost adjustments, wording changes, rate revisions, etc.
** Not available for new applications
***Available to first 85 applicants only.