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Electric Fuel Cost Adjustments

 Duke Energy sets its fuel adjustment clause on a monthly basis to better reflect the current cost of fuel and purchased power. The Kentucky Public Service Commission approves the monthly change.

August 2016 July 2016 August 2015
FAC(1) per kWh $(0.004171) $(0.002845) $0.00458
Fuel Price(2) $(4.17) $(2.84) $0.46
Typical Monthly Bill(2) $88.37 $89.70 $87.36

(1) Fuel Adjustment Clause – represents the incremental rate above or below the Company's base rate. Effective September 2015 base rate is $0.029117 per kWh.

(2) Based on a typical monthly usage of 1,000 kWh.

Electric Safety

Duke Energy is committed to helping you stay informed when it comes to safety. Electricity is a safe and reliable energy source when used properly. Like any other source of energy, it can be hazardous if used without caution and care. Below are some key tips on electric safety. We also encourage you to take a few minutes to review all our electric safety tips and share them with your family and friends.

Overhead Power Lines

Power lines are not insulated and carry thousands of volts of electricity. Remember:

  • When working outdoors with ladders or other equipment, always know where power lines are located and stay away.
  • If you see a downed power line, call Duke Energy at 800.543.5599, 24 hours a day. And warn others to stay away as well.
  • Never attempt to move an object (tree limb, kite, model airplane, Mylar balloon, etc.) from a power line yourself; but call Duke Energy.
  • If you live in Ohio or Kentucky and plan to cut limbs or trees that are near overhead power lines, call 800.544.6900.

Manage Your Energy Bills

Budget Billing - Manage your summer cooling and winter heating bills by setting your energy bill at an average amount.

  • Annual Plan - For customers who want their monthly payments to remain the same. In the twelfth month you are billed or credited for any difference between the budget amount and the actual costs.
  • Quarterly Plan - For customers who want to avoid a twelfth-month "settle-up" adjustment. Your amount is recalculated and automatically adjusted every three months.

Enrolling in Budget Billing is quick and easy. Just register with Online Services today – it's that easy! Login or register with Online Services.

Energy-Saving Opportunities and Tips

Personalized Energy Report (PER)™ - This tool provides a quick example of how energy saving measures could lower your energy costs. It estimates how new energy efficient practices and/or equipment in your home could save you money.

Home Weatherization - Our Home Weatherization program provides energy-saving installations and energy education at no cost to income-qualified customers. Click on the Home Weatherization link for additional program guidelines.

Easy Ways to Lower Your Bill - Find a variety of energy-saving information right at your fingertips.