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Who will install the Level 2 charging station?

Experienced technicians will install the charging station. Installation generally involves an initial assessment of the home to determine if electrical upgrades are required, obtaining permits, the installation work, and a final inspection by your local inspector. Once it is installed, you will be trained on how to use the charging station. Duke Energy will manage and coordinate all of the work performed by third-party contractors.

How will Duke Energy coordinate the work?

Duke Energy will work with your schedule when setting all appointments. On the off chance that you are not available for your property assessment or installation, please notify Duke Energy at least two hours prior to your appointment.

Who is eligible to participate in the pilot?

A pilot participant must be a Duke Energy residential customer in North Carolina or South Carolina who:

  • Owns his or her home or condominium
  • Has account(s) with Duke Energy in good standing
  • Has the right to install charging equipment on the property

Prior to installation, participants must be able to demonstrate proof of purchasing or leasing, for a minimum of two years, a Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf or Ford All-Electric Focus, and complete the initial home assessment to determine the complexity of the installation.

Can I still participate if my property requires more than a standard installation?

Duke Energy is willing to pay up to $1,000 toward installation costs, which should cover most standard installations. In the event the home assessment shows that extensive upgrades and construction is required, you will be notified before installation of the unit. As long as you pay for any work that exceeds the maximum amount Duke Energy is contributing, you can still participate in the pilot. Generally, a standard installation will cover the labor, electrical permit fee, a 40-amp circuit breaker, and about 30 feet of wiring from the panel to the charging station.

Who is responsible for maintaining the unit?

Duke Energy is responsible for maintaining, repairing, and, if necessary, replacing the unit, during the term of the agreement.

What happens if there is a problem with my Level 2 charging station?

Please contact Duke Energy at 800-937-3853. Upon notification of the problem, we will send out a technician to repair it at our expense during the term of the agreement.

What does Duke Energy receive in exchange for installing the Level 2 charging station?

As part of the pilot agreement, participants will give Duke Energy permission to access the unit's vehicle charging and technical performance data. The data will be telecommunicated to Duke Energy for analysis. With prior notice, Duke Energy may take photographs and video of the unit. We will have full rights to all photographs and videos taken, but will request your consent for any part of your property showing. Periodically, Duke Energy will survey participants to better understand the overall customer experience.

Can I terminate the agreement?

Yes. As the contract stipulates, you will be required to provide a written notice. Duke Energy will remove the Level 2 charging station within 60 days of receiving your written notice and you will be required to pay an early termination fee not to exceed $600, which will cover the cost of removing the unit.

Who owns the Level 2 charging station once it is installed?

Duke Energy owns the unit during the entire term of the agreement. In compliance with Duke Energy's service regulations you will not be permitted to make any repairs, adjustments, or improvements to the unit. Once the agreement expires, Duke Energy will provide you the opportunity to purchase the charging station for a reduced rate of $250. Going forward, you will be responsible for the unit’s maintenance, repairs and any damages caused by it and/or use of the unit.

What if I want the Level 2 charging station removed at the conclusion of the agreement?

You will need to notify Duke Energy in writing and we will remove the unit within 60 days of notification at no cost to you.

What happens if I move from/sell my property?

You will need to notify Duke Energy 30 days prior to moving from/selling your property. The agreement will be terminated and Duke Energy will remove the unit within the 30 days at no cost to you.

Will I be able to redeem the charging station tax credit?

No. Duke Energy owns the unit and all tax credits attached to it will be redeemed by Duke Energy. However, you can still redeem the existing tax credit (up to $7,500) for purchasing a PEV.

Is Duke giving away a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) as part of the Charge|Carolinas Pilot?

No. We are conducting these pilots to understand PEV owners’ charging habits and the impact charging has on the grid. Although PEVs are an important element, our focus is gathering data on energy consumed while charging. Because of this, we only provide pilot participants with a charging station and general installation. We expect that customers lease or purchase the vehicles on their own.

I am a Duke Energy Employee interested in a pilot. Am I eligible to participate?

Unfortunately, the approved tariff for the pilot specifically excludes employees. This decision was made to ensure that the pilot was strictly for research reasons and not to compensate or benefit our employees. The tariff states that the car and home must belong to the same person, who is not employed by Duke Energy, in order to be eligible. The only exception is if a spouse does not work at Duke Energy and has both assets in their name.

Duke Energy and Progress Energy have merged. As a Duke Energy Progress/Duke Energy Florida Customer, would I be eligible to participate in any of Duke Energy's Pilots?

Only customers in the Duke Energy territory are eligible to participate in our pilots. However, Duke Energy Progress/Duke Energy Florida are conducting their own pilot programs for PEV customers. Learn more about these efforts at