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Inside Piping Inspection

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Duke Energy is focused on providing our customers with safe, reliable and efficient natural gas service. As part of that service, we must comply with various federal and state regulations and need your assistance in accessing our natural gas equipment located on your premises.

Between now and October 2016, we will be performing inspections on our natural gas metering equipment and piping located inside buildings. A list of inspection areas is available in the tab below. These inspections are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and are necessary for safe natural gas pipeline operations.

How the inspection works:

  • Typically, an inspection takes 15 minutes to complete.
  • A certified contractor from Southern Cross enters the building and inspects Duke Energy-owned exposed natural gas piping and metering equipment for leakage and corrosion.
  • Once that part is complete, the inspector paints any exposed piping up to the outlet of the meter.
  • These inspections are performed at no cost to our customers.

To complete this inspection, we will need access to our natural gas meter and associated piping from where this equipment enters the premises to the natural gas meter. We will also need the Duke Energy natural gas customer or a designated adult representative to be present at the premises to provide the inspection crew with the needed access.*

There is no cost to you associated with these inspections.

We have partnered with Southern Cross to complete these inspections at residences and businesses with inside natural gas meters. Southern Cross technicians will be readily identifiable by:

  • Wearing visible Southern Cross picture identification on the outside of their uniforms
  • Having a contact phone number for the customer to call for verification
  • Driving a vehicle marked with a Southern Cross logo, not a Duke Energy logo

Southern Cross will leave automated telephone messages to notify customers that they are in the area. The technicians will then leave a door hanger with the inspection program information if they are unable to perform the inspection at the time of the visit.

*State regulations permit us to disconnect natural gas service if equipment and inspection access is denied. Our goal is to provide and maintain a safe natural gas system by completing these important indoor meter and piping inspections.

Inspections will take place between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

Community Est. Start Date Est. Finish Date
Avondale Aug. 16 Aug. 29
Bevis Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Blanchester Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Blue Ash Aug. 10 Aug. 15
Bond Hill Jul. 25 Jul. 29
Brentwood Jun. 14 Jun. 17
Bridgetown Jun. 2 Jun. 7
Carthage Jul. 25 Jul. 29
Cherry Grove Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Cheviot Ma. 23 Jun. 1
City of Cincinnati Feb. 8 Feb. 9
Cleves Ma. 7 Ma. 7
Clifton Feb. 9 Feb. 9
College Hill Jun. 2 Jun. 7
Correyville Feb. 9 Feb. 9
Deer Park Aug. 10 Aug. 15
Delhi Hills Apr. 7 Apr. 15
Elmwood Jul. 18 Jul. 18
Evanston Feb. 9 Feb. 10
Fairfax Feb. 10 Feb. 10
Fairview Feb. 17 Feb. 27
Finneytown Aug. 16 Aug. 29
Forest Park Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Forestville Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Franklin Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Georgetown Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Glendale Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Golf Manor Jun. 30 Jul. 2
Greenhills Aug. 16 Aug. 29
Groesbeck Jul. 9 Jul. 16
Harrison Ma. 7 Ma. 7
Hartwell Jun. 18 Jun. 22
Hartwell Jun. 18 Jun. 22
Hyde Park Mar. 3 Mar. 23
Kennedy Hts Jul. 19 Jul. 23
Kenwood Jul. 30 Aug. 5
Lebanon Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Lockland Aug. 16 Aug. 29
Loveland Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Maderia Aug. 6 Aug. 9
Madisonville Apr. 7 Apr. 7
Mariemont Feb. 11 Feb. 17
Mason Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Middletown Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Milford Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Monroe Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Montgomery Aug. 10 Aug. 15
Mt Airy Jul. 5 Jul. 8
Mt Auburn Jul. 25 Jul. 29
Mt Carmel Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Mt Healthy Jun. 8 Jun. 13
Mt Lookout Mar. 10 Mar. 24
N College Hill Jun. 14 Jun. 17
New Richmond Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Northside Jul. 18 Jul. 18
Norwood Feb. 10 Feb. 10
Oakley Feb. 27 Mar. 9
Pleasant Rdg Jul. 25 Jul. 29
Price Hill Apr. 7 Apr. 7
Reading Aug. 30 Sept. 7
Ripley Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Roselawn Jul. 25 Jul. 29
Sharonville Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Silverton Jul. 30 Aug. 5
Springboro Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Springdale Sept. 8 Sept. 8
St Bernard Jul. 18 Jul. 18
Tobasco Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Walnut Hills Mar. 25 Apr. 6
Westwood Apr. 16 Ma. 7
White Oak Jul. 5 Jul. 8
Winton PL Jul. 18 Jul. 18
Withamsville Sept. 9 Sept. 9
Woodlawn Aug. 16 Aug. 29
Wyoming Jun. 23 Jun. 29