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Budget Billing

What Is Budget Billing?

Budget Billing is a free service that makes managing your cash flow easier by providing predictable monthly payments. The best way to request Budget Billing is to signup for Online Services.

Register for Online Services   

Why Sign Up?

  • You know exactly how much you will pay each month.
  • There are two plans that adjust periodically based on your actual usage.
    • Annual Plan: Provides 11 months of equal payments with a settle-up on the 12th month.
    • Quarterly Plan: Provides quarterly review and adjustment of your budget billing amount to avoid a settle-up month.
  • Makes planning and budgeting your energy costs more accurate and convenient.

How to Get Started

  • To sign up online for Budget Billing, you must be registered for Online Services.
  • Click on Billing Options in the left Navigation, then choose Budget Billing.
New Online Services User?
Register for Online Services and then sign up for Budget Billing.
Existing Online Services User?
Log in to Online Services and then sign up for Budget Billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a fee for using Budget Billing?

No. There is no service charge or fee with Duke Energy’s Budget Billing.

How is my Budget Billing amount calculated?

Where there is more than a 12-month billing history, the Budget Billing installment amounts are calculated based on actual account history. If there is less than 12 months of history, the installment amounts are calculated based on generic information (i.e., size of building, type of business, heat source, age of building, etc.).

Which Budget Billing option is best?

Both Budget Billing options offer you convenience and flexibility.

Quarterly Plan
Your monthly bill may change automatically – up or down – every three months based on your actual energy use. Your payment plan will be reviewed every three months. If your variance is greater than 10 percent, your payment will be adjusted automatically. At the end of your Budget Billing year, any credit to your account or balance you owe will be divided by 12 months and automatically rolled into your new monthly bill installment.
Annual Plan
Your monthly bill will remain the same for 11 months. Your payment plan will be reviewed every six months. If your variance is greater than 30 percent, we will notify you on your monthly bill. You have the choice to call us to adjust your monthly amount based on our recommended adjustment. We settle up during the 12th month. If you used more energy than you paid for, we will bill you the difference. If you paid for more than you used, we will credit your account.

Who is eligible?

Budget Billing is available to residential customers with average monthly Duke Energy bills of $3,100 or less.

Budget Billing is only available to customers who are not metered by a solid state recorder.

What services are covered?

Budget Billing covers all basic services. Additional services, such as outdoor lighting, are not included in the Budget Billing amount.