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Program Benefits

Discussions about the value of energy efficiency tend to focus more about the environment. However, as we will demonstrate to you in our discussions, there are other benefits as well.

Our Approach

The SmartBuilding Advantage® approach to energy efficiency solutions is different. Duke Energy has adopted a multistage methodology to provide a custom solution for every partner in this program. Our assessments are systematic and performed by leading industry professionals.


"Our people said Duke nailed it. We looked at the report and were impressed. The real value in this was the engineering analysis – the incentive was critical for approval, but the engineering was very important." – Hospital Customer

Duke Energy will bring you a team of Professional Engineers that will prioritize the most cost-effective and innovative technologies to help you realize your goals for energy efficiency.

Equipment Neutral

"SmartBuilding Advantage® allowed us to test some things that we would not have on our own. And it allowed us to get closer to smart grid solutions." – Office Building Customer

As an energy utility, we are not selling you a product or a brand name. We look at your needs from an independent perspective and recommend a comprehensive solution utilizing the best technology available – regardless of brand name.

Low Upfront Cost

"We are learning how to take a broader look at what we can do and what the impact can be. The program is also accelerating what we do and expanding what we consider." – Educational Facility Customer

Cost to enter the program is minimal. In fact, should you maintain participation through implementation, it is likely that your assessment costs will be covered by the Smart $aver® incentives available to you.

Exit at Any Time

At no point in the program are you obligated to move forward through each stage. If, for example, you decide after your on-site assessment that your company is unable to continue, you are only asked to pay for your share of the cost (50% of the total) of the on-site assessment.

SmartBuilding AdvantageSM Requirements

Duke Energy must ensure consistency of quality in delivery of products to our partners. Therefore, a set of criteria has been established that limits the number of participants in the program. Should you be interested in participating and meet the criteria set forth below, please contact your Duke Energy Account Manager or email us via the Contact Us page.

Participants should meet the following criteria:

  • Be opted-in to Duke Energy's Energy Efficiency Plan
  • Committment to investment in Energy Efficiency projects
  • Have aggregate office space greater than 100,000 square feet