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Standard Service Offer - Electric Security Plan (SSO-ESP) Business & Large Business Customers


The following rate components may appear on your Duke Energy Ohio electric bill. The SSO-ESP became effective January 1, 2012 and will continue for three years and 5 months, ending May 31, 2015.


  • Rider RC (Retail Capacity Rider) recovers the cost of generation capacity purchased in competitive auctions. 
  • Rider RE (Retail Energy Rider) recovers the cost of energy purchased by Duke Energy Ohio in competitive auctions.
    Rider AER-R (Alternative Energy Recovery Rider)  recovers Duke Energy Ohio's costs of complying with the State of Ohio's Alternative Energy requirements.
  • Rider RECON (Fuel and Reserve Capacity Reconciliation Rider) Allows Duke Energy Ohio to recover costs incurred, but not recovered, under its 2009-2011 Electric Seurity Plan.  This charge expired June 30 2012.
  • Rider RTO (Regional Transmission Organization Rider) recovers certain costs incurred by Duke Energy relating to its participation in FERC-approved regional transmission organizations. 
  • Rider SCR (Supplier Cost Reconciliation Rider) ensures that Duke Energy Ohio recovers 100% of the cost it incurs in procuring energy and generation capacity for its generation customers through competitive auctions.