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Requesting Pre-Enrollment List

Certified Supplier Requesting Pre-Enrollment List

Upon certification by the PUCO, suppliers may receive the pre-enrollment list. Duke Energy Ohio updates the pre-enrollment list on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  A supplier can request the list be automatically generated and sent on a regular basis (monthly, semi-monthly or quarterly).  Please send request to receive an updated list automatically to csbcreps@duke-energy.com and indicate how often the list should be generated and sent.  NOTE: Once an updated list is received, a certified supplier may not use the list for more than 3 months. Certified suppliers will pay a tariff-based fee for the pre-enrollment list.

To receive a compact disc containing the pre-enrollment list, please provide the following information to Duke Energy Ohio's Certified Supplier Business Center at csbcreps@duke-energy.com or call the Center at 513-287-2322.

  • Company name
  • Contact person
  • PUCO certification number
  • Mailing address
  • E-mail address
  • Yes, please send me the pre-enrollment list

By sending this request, I understand and agree to all applicable charges described in the Certified Supplier Tariff.