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checkmark4.jpg (7782 bytes)Registration Process

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Provide proof of PUCO certification

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Pay registration fee

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Submit all completed and signed Duke Energy registration forms

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Meet credit requirements and post any required collateral

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Attend a supplier training program

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Complete EDI testing

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Receive registration acceptance from Duke Energy

checkmark4.jpg (7782 bytes)Transmission Reservations and Load Scheduling

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Understand Duke Energy's responsibilities as Control Area Operator

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Complete the transmission customer registration process or designate a TSA
     to complete the registration process:

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Become a FERC "eligible customer"

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Sign an OATT Service Agreement

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Obtain a Tradewave Certificate

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Become OASIS enabled

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Meet the transmission customer credit requirements and post any
     required collateral

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Submit a completed and signed TSA Designation Agreement

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Reserve transmission capacity (performed by the designated TSA)

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Procure ancillary services (performed by the designated TSA)

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Submit load schedules to the control area operator on a daily basis
     (performed by the designated TSA)

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Review Load Profiles

checkmark4.jpg (7782 bytes)EDI Communication Requirements

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Obtain Dun & Bradstreet identification number

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Establish EDI capability

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Sign EDI Trading Partner Agreement with Duke Energy

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Understand EDI transaction sets and their use

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Complete EDI testing program

checkmark4.jpg (7782 bytes)Metering and Meter Reading

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Establish EDI capability to accept metering and meter reading data

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Verify the customer has requested interval metering equipment
     when necessary

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Understand metering service charges and utilize these services as appropriate

checkmark4.jpg (7782 bytes)Customer Billing

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Understand Duke Energy's Consolidated, Rate-Ready Billing Option or perform
     dual billing

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Send Rate Submission Form for each rate to Duke Energy as applicable

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Receive Duke Energy's system test of the submitted rate as applicable

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Approve Duke Energy's billing system set-up of the submitted rate as applicable

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Begin submitting enrollment DASRs for the rate when it is "in production"
     in the Duke Energy's billing system

checkmark4.jpg (7782 bytes)End-use Customer Information (optional)

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Request pre-enrollment list

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Obtain customer authorization to request historical usage data

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Request history by DASR or the certified supplier website

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Request detailed interval data by DASR

 checkmark4.jpg (7782 bytes)End-use Customer Switching

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Receive customer authorization to provide service

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Submit DASR type needed

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Receive acknowledgement of receipt from Duke Energy

checkbox4.jpg (5326 bytes) Receive acceptance of enrollment from Duke Energy