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Smart $aver® Incentive Program

What are Smart $aver®  Incentives?

Duke Energy’s Smart $aver® Incentive program rewards your business for installing energy efficient equipment. If you have considered updating an existing facility, or anticipate building another, we can help your organization offset up-front costs, reduce payback time and accelerate energy savings. 

Features & Benefits

  • Receive cash incentives for installing high-efficiency equipment. 
  • Reduce energy usage and cut operating costs.
  • Improve the environment.

How to Get Started

To qualify, your business must

  • be a Duke Energy commercial or industrial customer.
  • submit a completed application within 60 days after new, high-efficiency equipment is installed and operational.

Applying for Smart $aver Incentives

You can find more information on eligibility and learn how to apply by reviewing the Application Process & Contact Information. For detailed information on specific equipment measures, select the appropriate application below.

Lighting Incentive
Heating & Cooling Equipment Incentive
Chillers & Thermal Storage Incentive
Motor/Pump/VFDs Incentive
Process Equipment Incentives
Foodservice Equipment Incentives
Chiller Tune-up Incentive  

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart $aver® Custom Incentive Program





Smart $aver® is a trademark of Duke Energy Corporation or one of its affiliates.