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Power Quality Mitigation Strategies


  • Surge Protection and Fiber Optics
  • Power Filtering
    • Power Line Filters
    • Line Reactors
    • Shielded Isolation Transformers
  • Voltage Regulation
    • Standard Tap Changers
    • Buck-Boost Regulators
    • Constant Voltage Transformers
    • Magnetic Synthesizers


  • Harmonic Control
    • Transformer Connections
    • Harmonic Filters
    • Active Power Line Conditioners
  • Energy Storage Systems (Non-Battery)
    • Motor-Generators
    • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Systems
    • Statordyne
    • Compressed Gas/Fluid Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems (Battery)


  • Utility-Side Solutions
    • Fast Transfer Switches
    • Dynamic Voltage Restorers
    • Spot Network
    • Reserve Capacity
  • Var Compensation for Voltage Flicker
    • Static Var Compensators
    • Adaptive Var Compensators
    • Intellivar
  • Questions/Open Discussion


I know what the problem is, but now what can I do to reduce or eliminate it? Mitigating the problem is the next step after discovering the problem.  The solutions aren't always obvious - and it is very frustrating to keep making "band-aid" fixes that take care of the problem for one machine, but create problems for others.

This Power Quality program is one of the most informative and beneficial programs for facility engineers and maintenance personnel.  Due to the vast content and depending on the number of people attending, this program may need an entire day for proper presentation.