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Monthly Gas Cost Changes

Duke Energy Ohio sets its natural gas prices on a monthly basis to better reflect the current cost of gas.

June 2015 May 2015 June 2014
GCR(1) per CCF $0.4609 $0.4626 $0.6273
Gas price $32.26 $32.38 $43.91
Typical monthly bill(2) $79.17 $79.28 $88.60

(1) Gas Cost Recovery represents 100% of Duke Energy Ohio's gas costs incurred to provide natural gas supply for its customers.

(2) Based on a typical monthly usage of 70 ccf
(ccf = 100 cubic feet)

The Natural Gas Delivery System and Pipeline Safety (pdf, 33 KB).
Every day in the United States, several million cubic feet of natural gas travel through an underground pipeline delivery system to 64 million customers.

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