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Summary Billing

What Is Summary Billing?

Summary Billing offers business customers a free and convenient way to receive and pay multiple energy bills each month in one summarized bill.

Sign up by calling 1-800-774-1202.

Why Sign Up?

How to Get Started

Contact Duke Energy’s Customer Account Services at 1-800-774-1202.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I qualify for Summary Billing?

You may qualify for Summary Billing if you:

  • Have five or more individual accounts
  • Agree to the terms of the Agreement for Summary Billing by signing and returning the agreement
  • Pay on time or in advance of your normal due dates
  • Can move to a reduced payment timeframe established by Duke Energy.

Will I receive individual detailed statements for my accounts each month?

Detailed individual account statements can be viewed on eClips. The front page of the monthly Summary Billing statement displays the summarized charges for all of the accounts listed. The subsequent pages of the statement will show limited details of individual accounts.

If I am already signed up for eClips, will my detailed bills still be available online?

Yes. You will have the ability to view each of your individual accounts in detail each month through the use of eClips. New accounts added after applying for Summary Billing are not automatically included in your Summary Billing account. Contact Customer Account Services at 1-800-774-1202 to add new accounts.

Can I continue to pay my bill using Paperless Billing?

Summary billed accounts are not eligible for Paperless Billing at this time.

What other methods of payment are available if I use Summary Billing?

You may pay your bill using any of these methods: