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Pet Information

Pet owners are responsible for their pets. The best way to protect pet(s) from exposure to radiation is to bring them inside as soon as possible. If evacuating with your pet(s),
be aware that special arrangements may be needed to safely accommodate them. When including animals in your family emergency plan, it is important to check with your county
emergency management office to determine what safety measures may or may not be available at your assigned reception center. Depending on health risk assessments,
counties may arrange alternate holding facilities for pets that may be away from human shelter sites.

Any pet(s) left at home should be placed indoors with food and water.

Do not give your pet(s) potassium iodide (KI) unless explicitly prescribed by your veterinarian, since KI may be toxic/poisonous to them. For questions about animal health, always consult your veterinarian.

Additional guidance can be found at the following websites: