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Emergency Classifications

There are four classifications used to describe a nuclear station emergency. Duke Energy would contact federal, state and local authorities in each of the following situations:

Unusual Event
The least serious of the four classifications. It means there is a minor problem at the station. Because of strict federal regulations, a number of problems are reported as unusual events. Unusual Events pose no danger to the public.

An event that could reduce the stationís level of safety. There would still be no danger to the public. County and state officials and Duke Energy would get emergency operations centers ready for use, if needed.

Site Area Emergency
An event that could involve major problems with station systems. County officials would sound the sirens and, along with state officials, prepare other means of notification. The public should listen to local radio or television stations in their area for information and instructions.

General Emergency
The most serious of the four classifications. State and local authorities would take action to protect the public. Sirens would be sounded and emergency alert stations would give information and instructions. People in affected areas would be advised to stay indoors or to evacuate.