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Post Top

Post Top

Post Top

Post Top is a perfect residential light with an attractive colonial style. Mounting height: 8 ft.

Best used in residential subdivisions, apartment or condominium complexes, downtown pedestrian areas, city parks, river walks, etc.

Lamp Source
High Pressure Sodium (HPS) provides an amber or orange glow, while Metal Halide (MH) provides a white light source.


Lamp Source Wattage Lumens
HPS 50W 4,000

Photometrics or light distribution patterns provide a complete analysis of where light is actually distributed. In the ISO curve templates, the pole is located where the two center lines intersect. The Luminaire Classification System (LCS) shows the distribution of light from three primary solid angles: forward light, back light and uplight.

Colors and Pole Styles Available for Post Top
Color: Black

Pole Style A