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2013 rate case overview » Safety and security

Safety and security

Ensuring that our power plants, electric lines and equipment operate safely, efficiently and reliably is our objective every day and across every mile of our system.

At the Oconee Nuclear Plant, new safety measures continue to be installed to further protect the plant from extreme conditions or natural disasters. This includes implementing additional mitigation features, such as extensive plant modifications, inspection programs and plant procedures.

For example, we are adding a Protected Service Water System (PSW) to provide another layer of protection for key plant functions, including providing additional water to the existing system that cools the reactor in emergency situations.

In the nearly two years since tsunamis caused accidents at nuclear power plants in Japan, most notably at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, we have worked closely with the U.S. nuclear industry, the Nuclear Energy Institute and global resources to understand the events and implement changes to make our plants even safer and better protected.

The company’s response includes in-depth inspections and analyses, physical changes, additional equipment to monitor and respond to potential emergencies, and plans for additional safety and security initiatives.

Part of our proposed rate increase includes the costs associated with making these extensive changes.