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Pump Incentives

Pumps can account for 75 percent or more of your energy use. By replacing your current pumps or investing in new high-efficiency pumps, you can significantly lower your energy costs. Incentives are available for both process pumping and HVAC.

Application Process

Duke Energy
Smart $aver Incentive Program
P.O. Box 2445
Spokane, WA 99210-2445

Smart $aver Prescriptive Incentive Program

Duke Energy's Smart $aver Prescriptive program provides standard incentives for qualifying high-efficiency equipment. In addition to Pumps, incentives are offered for VFDs, HVAC, Chillers, Thermal Storage, Lighting, Food Service Equipment and Process Equipment.

For a complete list of pump prescriptive incentives, complete an application.

If your equipment isn't included in the Prescriptive Incentive program, it may qualify under the Smart $aver Custom Incentive program.