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Our Process

SmartBuilding Advantage® is a whole building, integrated approach designed to leverage energy usage information, onsite assessments and custom incentives to realize the maximum energy efficiency for your facility. From start-to-finish, a team of professionals will provide support to you and your organization to make sure that you are comfortable with the progress of the project every step of the way. In the section below, you will find a detailed description of every stage of the SmartBuilding Advantage® program.

Interview Assessment

Stage 1: Overview and Discussion

Whether by phone or a visit to your office, during our first conversation we will discuss:

  • How Duke Energy can help you achieve your energy efficiency goals
  • Review and sign a customer agreement that details the expectations of all parties

Prior to the first assessment, a data gathering session will occur. Data collected will include:

  • Energy usage history of your facility
  • Building schematics and detailed equipment background
  • Establishment of a baseline against other buildings of the same type
Onsite Assessment

Stage 2: Assessment

Duke Energy will conduct an initial on-site assessment of your facility. We will review operations processes, inspect equipment and interview key personnel along the way. Once a verbal review of results is discussed at the end of the day, the assessor will continue their analysis off site by:

  • Examining energy data obtained, including benchmarking and metrics
  • Defining potential energy conservation measures and estimate their cost  

If there is cause for additional investigation, the assessor will ask to conduct an investment grade assessment. As this is a more complex, in-depth energy audit, a team of experienced professionals would return to your facility to:

  • Deploy data loggers to measure and test existing systems and equipment for a period of several days to several weeks
  • Interview additional building team members, contractors and support specialists to gain greater understanding of building operations

Additional off-site analysis efforts will include:

  • Data modeling and thorough analysis of energy savings potential
  • A detailed definition of additional energy conservation measures
  • Exploration of overall project economics

Stage 3: Implementation

Once the Assessment stage is completed, the SmartBuilding Advantage® team will review the results with you in extensive detail, including:

  • Potential scope of work, opportunities, costs and estimates of savings
  • Develop a business case for implementation
  • Discussion of potential Smart $aver® incentives to help offset cost of implementation
  • A review of optional services such as PowerShare® and Energy Information Systems.
  • Assistance in completing the Smart $aver® incentive application.