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Energy Efficiency Opt-In/Opt-Out Provision

What is the Energy Efficiency Opt-In/Opt-Out Provision?

Duke Energy’s energy efficiency (EE) plan is one way we’re working to meet rising energy demand by helping our customers conserve energy. The plan encourages the continued development and implementation of energy efficiency conservation programs for our customers. The plan also provides certain customers the ability to opt out of participating in the energy efficiency plan if they have already completed energy efficiency measures on their own, and meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Duke Energy industrial customers and qualifying large commercial customers in North Carolina may opt in to take advantage of the energy savings provisions of this rider. Likewise, they may notify Duke Energy that they have implemented, or will implement, alternative efficiency measures and elect to not participate in our energy efficiency and/or demand-side management programs.
  • Qualifying customers can opt in or out during our annual election period, which occurs from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31 each year.
  • If they have opted out in the past but would like to begin taking advantage of Duke's energy efficiency offers, they may "opt in" any or all of their eligible accounts by completing the appropriate form below during the enrollment period.

Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side Management Decision Form

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