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Energy Assessments

What are Energy Assessments?

Duke Energy’s Energy Assessments can help you identify ways to lower energy costs by improving your facility's energy efficiency. 

Features & Benefits

Our energy assessments not only provide you with valuable insight into your energy usage, but also 

  • supply you with energy efficiency information and potential energy reduction recommendations. 
  • alert you to benefits available through other energy efficiency products and services, such as Duke Energy's Smart $aver Incentives
  • allow you to understand the impacts of implementing energy efficiency measures.

You can participate in three levels of energy assessments:

  • Online Assessment: Input your facility data and receive information relating to energy efficiency opportunities. 
  • Off-site Assessment: Discuss your facility’s energy usage over the phone with a professional engineer and receive a detailed report assessing your energy usage and ways to implement energy-saving ideas.  
  • On-site Assessments: An energy professional will visit your facility and investigate energy-saving opportunities. You will receive on-site engineering expertise and a comprehensive report detailing the findings and potential projects with paybacks. There is an on-site assessment fee; however, you can recover this expense by taking advantage of Duke Energy’s Smart $aver Incentives.

How to Get Started

Contact your Account Manager or Customer Account Services at