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Food Service Incentives

Smart $aver® incentives are available to companies who invest in high-efficiency food service equipment. Your customers can not only cut energy costs by 10 to 30 percent, but can also improve the quality of their prepared food, increase productivity and contribute to a cleaner environment. See the application for further details on equipment specifications.

Application Process

To take advantage of the Smart $aver incentives for food service, click the "Complete Online Application" button to the right to complete an application.

You can also download a PDF or Word application form and submit your application via email or fax.

Email to:

Fax to: (866) 908-4921

Smart $aver Prescriptive Incentive Program

Duke Energy's Smart $aver Prescriptive program provides standard incentives for qualifying high-efficiency equipment. In addition to Food Service Equipment, incentives are offered for VFDs, HVAC, Chillers, Pumps, Lighting and Process Equipment.

For a complete list of food service prescriptive incentives, complete an application.

If your equipment isn't included in the Prescriptive Incentive program, it may qualify under the Smart $aver Custom Incentive program.

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