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Non-Residential Start ServiceRequest/Load Sheet Form

To provide you with timely and accurate service, please complete all five sections of this form. The Delivery Information and Load/Equipment Information sections are needed by our engineering group to accurately meet your electrical requirements. If this information is not available at this time, please complete the Billing Information, Service (Site) Address Information, and Additional Contact Information sections so we can initiate your service request.

We will make every effort to complete your request as quickly as possible. Our service personnel area available Monday Saturday; except major holidays.

Please allow at least three business days to complete your request.

Non-Residential Start Service Request / Load Sheet Form (pdf, 139 KB)

In order to start electric service, you will need to complete the information on this load profile sheet. The following are ways to submit the form:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 800.943.6910
  • Mail: Duke Energy, Attn: Business & Industry; 9700 David Taylor Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262-2363

The information that you will need to provide is:

  • Billing information
  • Service Address Information
  • Additional contact information
  • Electrical delivery information
  • Load/equipment information

All non-residential customers are required to establish credit prior to the connection of electric and/or gas service. Businesses with unestablished credit or exiting businesses with established credit risks must satisfy a security deposit prior to service connection. The options listed may be used for the satisfaction of Duke Energy non-residential security deposits. Options include Monetary Deposit or Guarantor.