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Frequently Asked Questions Smart $aver® Incentives

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What if I (customer) install the equipment myself?

Customers can install the equipment; however, Duke Energy may require site verification for projects that have been self-installed. Self-installed labor costs are not eligible for incentives.

Are newly constructed buildings eligible for incentives?

If the customer meets eligibility requirements, incentives are available for new construction with the exception of the equipment marked "retrofit only" on the applications.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

You can call us at 1-866-380-9580 or use our “e-mail a question” online form to submit a question.

When do I submit my application?

Applications will be eligible for incentives for projects that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Project construction began on or after June 1, 2009. It is acceptable for project design and planning to occur before June 1; however, if a project goes to bid prior to June 1 it will not be eligible for incentives.
  • Equipment purchase and installation occurred June 1 or after. Invoices cannot be dated prior to June 1.
  • Equipment must also be installed and operable prior to submitting an application.
  • Applications must be submitted within 60 days of the project completion. Applications older than 60 days will be considered on an individual basis by Duke Energy's Smart $aver program manager.

What happens if incentives change before my project is completed?

Incentives are subject to change based on changes in the market.

Duke Energy will post all changes on our Web site a minimum of three months prior to the change. Projects that were proposed prior to the incentive change date will be eligible for the original incentive amount. A copy of the proposal is required by Duke Energy to verify the proposal date. Projects without proposals will be eligible for the original incentives if the application is submitted within the 60-day required time frame.

Who receives the incentive: the customer or the vendor?

Unless otherwise indicated on the application, the customer will receive the incentive check. However, the customer may choose to sign the incentive check over to the vendor by signing the “Payment Release Authorization” section of the application. By signing, the customer also agrees that such action constitutes an irrevocable assignment of the incentive. The assigned incentive must reduce the purchase price paid for the equipment by an equal amount.

What is the status of my application?

Call Duke Energy at 1-866-380-9580 for status on projects in progress.

How do I know if I am an eligible customer?

All Duke Energy North Carolina nonresidential electric customers are eligible, except those that have elected to opt out of the Energy Efficiency Rider.

*Companies that have elected to opt out of the Energy Efficiency Rider are not eligible.

How long does it take to receive my incentive check(s)?

If the application is completed in its entirety and signed by the customer with all the required supporting documentation to determine equipment eligibility, then you should receive a check(s) in the mail within 10 days.

Incomplete documentation will delay the process until all the required information is received.

Where do I find out more information about the equipment and/or customer requirements?

A list of all equipment and customer requirements are noted on the application forms.

How do I become a Duke Energy Smart $aver® Participating Vendor?

Fill out the vendor participation form (pdf, 41 KB) and submit it to the following address:

Duke Energy
Smart $aver® Incentive Program
431 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI 53719

This is a one-time registration. Once you have submitted a signed form, you do not have to fill it out again. Your company name and contact information will appear on the Smart $aver Web site as a tool to help customers find contractors in their area.

Duke Energy in no way implies promotional support of any specific vendor noted on the list. Use of a vendor is not restricted to the list. To remain on the list, a vendor must submit or assist an eligible customer in submitting at least one incentive application during an 18-month period. Failure to do so will result in your company’s name being removed from the list. If you submit an application for the next 18-month period, you will automatically be reinstated on the list.

What are the benefits of being on the participating vendor list?

Your company name and contact information will be included in the Duke Energy vendor search tool when it is posted on the Smart $aver Web site. Customers will be able to access the site and search for vendors by location or specific technologies or equipment in which they are interested in purchasing or installing. This could result in a potential increase in sales.

How do you define a vendor?

Any third party who promotes the sale of and/or installs qualifying high efficiency equipment for the customer. Vendors who both sell and install the equipment are responsible for making sure the equipment is installed and operable before submitting the application. If the vendor is responsible for the sale of the equipment only, then the vendor is not required to ensure installation of the eligible equipment. All license requirements, if any, are solely the vendor’s responsibility.

Participating vendors include equipment contractors, equipment vendors, equipment manufacturers and distributors, energy service companies, and engineering or architectural firms, etc.

Where do I mail my application when completed?

Mail completed applications and vendor forms to:

Duke Energy
Smart $aver® Incentive Program
431 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI 53719

I am a vendor/manufacturer and would like to talk to someone from Duke Energy about having my product included in Duke Energy’s portfolio of high efficiency measures?

E-mail the following information to

  • Company name and contact information
  • Description and application of your product(s)
  • Manufacturer’s specification sheets
  • Any other supporting documentation that explains why this product(s) should be considered as part of Duke Energy’s high efficiency equipment portfolio

The equipment that currently appears in the portfolio has been pre-approved by the utility commissions of each state.

Once a year, Duke Energy will review the current portfolio and evaluate each technology against any new technologies and market standards. Engineering studies will be completed on any potential new technologies. Before changes can be made to the portfolio, Duke Energy must seek approval from the utility commission in that state. Changes to the program will be posted on the Duke Energy Web site and reflected in the applications.