News Release
July 12, 2005


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Four Duke Energy employees were honored today with the company’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Award. The award is given annually – recognizing individual efforts in protecting and creating a safe working atmosphere throughout the company.

Honored were:

  • Jim Mozley, senior vice president, Crescent Resources, Bluffton, S.C.
  • Henry “Les” Shugart, supervising engineer, Duke Power, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Rodolfo Nardez Sirol, environmental coordinator, Duke Energy International, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Robert Wylie, engineer, Duke Power, Charlotte, N.C.

Jim Mozley led Crescent’s effort to turn its Lake James developments in North Carolina into a model for public, private and governmental cooperation. He sought input and received inspired ideas from residents, environmental groups, land conservation groups, the Burke County Commission and staff, and other elected officials. In a remarkable display of leadership ability, he led passionate stakeholders in developing a consensus for a comprehensive land plan for development in the area.

The highlight of the overall plan was the designation and subsequent sale of approximately 3,000 acres to the state of North Carolina for the expansion of the Lake James State Park.

Henry “Les” Shugart was the driving force behind a creative safety solution at hydroelectric power stations throughout Duke Power’s system. For years, surveyors at Duke Power’s spillways have worked with a life jacket as their only safety device. However, inspired by Duke Energy’s renewed commitment to safety, employees began asking for a way to secure them from falling.

In response, Shugart developed a relatively inexpensive, compact, easy-to-handle and environmentally friendly safety float, which allows employees to walk safely along hydroelectric plant spillways by providing a place for the employee to tie-off.

Shugart’s safety device is a testament to the innovation and creativity of Duke Energy employees and offers a creative solution to an industrywide safety concern.

Rodolfo Nardez Sirol and his team developed innovative ways to improve fish stocking efforts at Duke Energy’s Salto Grande Hydroelectric Station in Brazil. Sirol’s program also improved the diversity and survivability of the young fish and significantly reduced costs.

The approach allowed his team to breed six different species of fish – four more than before. His team also added products to the water that practically eliminated deaths during transportation and fatigue to the reservoirs, which make the young fish healthier and less susceptible to predators.

The process that Sirol’s team adopted with the State University of Londrina and the State University of São Paulo decreased annual spending on fish-stocking  projects by 45 percent.

Robert Wylie  went into action to help partner with others on a water treatment process to treat wastewater that will be generated when scrubbers are installed at several of Duke Power’s coal-fired plants. His action was needed when several wastewater treatment companies could not ensure that their process would reduce the pollutants in the water sufficiently.

He knew of a wastewater treatment system – used by the Department of Energy – that used constructed wetlands to remove pollutants from the water. Working with Clemson University and ENTRIX Inc., a 15-acre wetland treatment system was designed and is currently under construction at the Marshall Steam Station in North Carolina. The system is scheduled for completion by September 2005.

By using constructed wetlands instead of a chemical treatment plant, Duke Power expects to save several million dollars and will consider using a similar wetland treatment system at other scrubber sites.

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