Released By CWRP News Release
Jan. 29, 2002


WASHINGTON -- The Maine Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership (CWRP) was among the groups and individuals recognized for their outstanding efforts to remove the East Machias, Maine dam and to restore critical aquatic habitats in downeast Maine.  President George W. Bush, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Nelson Gibbs and Coastal America Director Virginia Tippie honored the members of the East Machias Dam Removal Team with Coastal America’s 2001 Partnership Award at a ceremony in Washington. 

The Maine CWRP, comprised of businesses, non-profits and environmental organizations from around the state, contributed funds and in-kind services to the East Machias dam removal project.  Contributions from the Maine CWRP provide local funds for wetlands restoration projects entitling the projects to receive matching federal dollars.  In 2001, the Maine CWRP contributed more than $136,000 to eight restoration projects. 


In a letter to team members, President Bush said,  “What made your project particularly innovative is that the Air Force Reserves removed the dam as part of a training exercise and, through the Maine Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership, employed the resources of corporate America to assist in the project’s completion.  My Administration strongly supports efforts like this that bring together a variety of resources to meet common goals and address challenging environmental and economic needs.”  


The abandoned dam in East Machias was removed by the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command as part of its Innovative Readiness Training program, under the direction of the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Service.  The Town of East Machias and the Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission were the local sponsors.  


“Removing the abandoned dam in East Machias restored over 300 miles of Atlantic Salmon and fisheries migration corridor while adding numerous wetlands and enhancing river ecologies,” said Maine CWRP Advisory Board Chair Patrick J. Hester, senior vice president and general counsel of Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, the corporate leader of the partnership.  “The project is a perfect example of how the Maine CWRP works together with federal and state agencies, municipalities and environmental organizations to provide the support necessary to revitalize important aquatic resources.  The award is a tribute to the partners in the Maine CWRP who have donated their time and money to get this program off the ground.  I look forward to their continued support in making many more of these projects a reality.”


Members of the Maine CWRP include Bangor Hydro-Electric; Bronson Communications; Casco Bay Energy Company, L.L.C.; Cianbro Corp.; Curtis Thaxter Stevens Broder & Micoleau, LLC; Ducks Unlimited; Duke Engineering & Services; Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C.; Mitchell & Sudbay; Natural Resources Council of Maine; Normandeau Associates; PNGTS Operating Co., LLC; TRC Environmental Corporation; Verizon; and Verrill & Dana.


The CWRP is a voluntary private-public partnership in which corporations join forces with federal and state agencies to restore wetlands and other aquatic habitats.  The National Association of Manufacturers serves as the national sponsor.  Duke Energy serves as the chair of the national advisory council. 



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