News Release
July 30, 2001


BOSTON – Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C. (Maritimes) has accepted the certificate issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on July 13, 2001, to operate additional compression units at its existing natural gas compressor stations in Richmond and Baileyville, Maine. The increased compression will allow Maritimes to transport greater volumes of natural gas to meet the growing needs of the New England market.

"We understand our customers’ needs and will move quickly to begin transporting more natural gas," said Tom O’Connor, president of M&N Management Company, the managing member of Maritimes. "Both facilities will be ready to operate with increased compression later this summer."

Much of the increased demand for natural gas is to supply electric generating facilities, which typically have the highest fuel requirements in mid-July and August. "We appreciate FERC’s prompt, yet thorough review of our application. The commission and its staff recognize the immediacy of the need for additional energy supplies and issued this approval in a timely manner," said O’Connor.

In Baileyville, Maritimes will connect a spare 8,311 horsepower compressor unit within the existing compressor station building and will construct and install necessary auxiliary facilities.

In Richmond, Maritimes will place into service on a full-time basis a standby, 8,311-horsepower compressor unit already installed at the compressor station.

Maritimes transports natural gas from off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, to energy markets in Atlantic Canada and the northeastern United States. The Northeast is experiencing a steady rise in the demand for natural gas as new, efficient, gas-fired electric generating plants begin operations and as residential customers switch to a cleaner burning fuel source.

Maritimes is owned by affiliates of Duke Energy (37.5 percent); Westcoast Energy, Inc. (37.5 percent); ExxonMobil (12.5 percent); and Emera Inc. (12.5 percent). For more information, contact Maritimes on the Internet at

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