News Release
Jan. 13, 2000


Duke Power received today the Edison Electric Institute’s "Emergency Response Award." The award, one of six presented by the utility industry’s national organization, recognizes the company’s service restoration efforts during almost back-to-back ice storms in December 1998 and January 1999. I’ve attached EEl’s news release.

"Meeting customers expectations is a challenge under normal circumstances," said E.O. Ferrell, senior vice president electric distribution. "Doing it efficiently and, above all, safely during those ice storms puts our folks a cut above. They can be proud of the standard they have set, and we re thrilled that our industry has recognized our employees for a job well done, indeed, very well done."

Ferrell heads the organization that operates and maintains the system that delivers electricity to retail customers. He has overall responsibility for directing emergency efforts to restore electric service during events such as ice storms.

On December 23, 1998, about 200,000 Duke Power customers lost electric service when an ice storm hit the region, bringing trees and tree limbs into power lines. About 1,000 Duke Power employees, contractors and others spent their Christmas holiday responding to customer calls and restoring electric service. The company had all the customers affected by the storm back in service within two days.

Nature repeated the scenario on January 2, 1999, this time interrupting service to 374,000 customers. Fighting a prolonged cold snap as well as trees in power lines, Duke Power employees, contractors and others turned in another sterling performance, restoring storm-affected service by January 6.

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