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Jan. 01, 2000


CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 1, 2000 - Initial reports indicate that Duke Energy’s three-year program preparing for the Y2K transition is paying off handsomely as its facilities in North Carolina and South Carolina are operating normally in the early hours of the 21st Century.

"I’m happy to tell you the Y2K rollover is going well," said Ruth Shaw, Duke Energy executive vice president and chief administrative officer. "Duke Power’s electric generation, transmission and distribution systems are working smoothly."

"My teammates who have spent hundreds of thousands of hours preparing for this transition are to be commended," Shaw said. "Over the last three years this team has looked at virtually every system in our company, examining line after line of computer code to find and modify any that needed changing. Our goal throughout this project has been to make Jan. 1, 2000, a day like any other for our customers. We are indebted to this team for making that happen."

According to Shaw, several hundred members of the team will continue working through the holiday weekend monitoring the company’s systems and verifying all made the transition successfully.

"We can’t completely declare victory yet," Shaw said. "We intend to continue monitoring our systems, and we have facilities across the United States that still have to go through the transition. But right now, we’re delighted to report that all is going extremely well here at Duke Energy."

Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) is a global energy company with more than $29 billion in assets. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., the company reaches into more than 50 countries, producing energy, transporting energy, marketing energy and providing energy services. In the United States, Duke Energy companies provide electric service to approximately two million customers in North Carolina and South Carolina; operate interstate pipelines that deliver natural gas to various regions of the country; and are leading marketers of electricity, natural gas and natural gas liquids. Additional information about the company is available on the Internet at:

January 1, 2000

Duke Power

Y2K status update:  Power plants

On weekends, and particularly holiday weekends, customers’ use of electricity is typically low. Duke Power has sufficient generation available to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to its two million customers in the Carolinas.

As of late Friday evening, 12/31, the status of the company’s major generating units is:

Allen coal-fired station: On line (Unit 2 out of service 9/13; generator rotor vibration)

Belews Creek coal-fired station:  All units on line.

Catawba Nuclear Station: On line. (unit 2 out of service 12/30; cause under investigation)

McGuire Nuclear Station: All units on line

Marshall coal-fired station: On line (unit 3 out of service 12/29; Turbine valve work)

Oconee Nuclear Station: All units on line

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