News Release
April 17, 2000


HOUSTON -- Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation (TETCO) announced today an open season for available capacity under Spectrum – TETCO’s low cost, environmentally friendly alternative for the transportation of gas directly from Chicago to the East Coast.

Spectrum has been enhanced to include the additional option of using Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America (NGPL) to provide upstream transportation from Chicago into TETCO. Spectrum uses existing pipeline infrastructure, taking advantage of existing available capacity on multiple pipelines to transport gas from supply source to market. Thus, Spectrum is an environmentally friendly option that materially reduces the consequences of other proposals to move gas to the East Coast.

"Spectrum continues to be a win-win-win situation," said Tom O’Connor, senior vice president of marketing and capacity management for Duke Energy Gas Transmission. "The pipelines sell available space, Alliance shippers get the lowest cost service to premium eastern markets, and no construction means no environmental impacts or landowner concerns."

The service will be available Nov. 1, 2000, to coincide with the start-up of the Alliance Pipeline, offering those shippers a cost-effective alternative to transport their gas out of Chicago to access eastern markets.

The Spectrum transportation rate for service using the NGPL path is 46 cents peak and 21 cents off-peak, plus fuel, on a 100 percent LF basis. In addition, shippers may elect contracts with increased peak seasonal volumes for certain delivery points.

"Given the pipeline capacity turnback situation, the Spectrum approach, which uses existing available capacity, is the right way to transport gas to the East Coast," said O’Connor. "Building major cross-country pipelines just doesn’t make sense."

The open season will be conducted from May 15 to June 15, 2000. An informational meeting will be held in Houston on May 9 and in Calgary on May 17. For information, call Randy Riha at 713/627-4746 or e-mail

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